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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Happy First Anniversarry !

I was dreaming about hug tightly under the rain
and blowing little candy while whispering about our first..
Singing about love songs..
Continuing your lyrics when you get lost..
Then, all of romantic shape spontanously sometimes you called like childish..
and we started talking about mature..
the differences are I just seeing you from here, sitting down waiting for sun going down, candle was no fire and praying about us..
Happy first anniversarry, love ♥
Everyday I love you..
No matter how far we get separated..
How long we get ourself bussiness..
It's not about we fight in many times..
Different in some senses..
Factually, I am still staying here..
Waiting all the night when you kissed me "good night" by the words even though you forget..
Singing our love song in every 12 at months..
You are mine, and still my favorite♥


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